"Michele unlocked memories that we had not thought about in many years...now captured for posterity."   - Sam M.

The Process

It's as easy as sitting down and having a discussion over a cup of coffee! We come with the questions and the recording equipment. The storyteller simply shares their memories. If there's something they don't want to answer...no problem, we move on to the next story. 


During the initial phone consultation, we'll strategize what period of his or her life to review. If there's a favorite family story, make sure to mention that so we get it recorded. It's difficult to determine how long a recording will take as each storyteller is unique. However, if you need to stay within a certain budget, we'll work with you to do so and to prioritize your most sought stories first.

The interviews will take place where the storyteller is most comfortable. Most likely at his or her home. No need to fuss about the environment since nothing is filmed, this is an audio recording. And no need to worry about coughing, stammering, or pausing - that's why we edit the audio! We'll remove those unnecessary sounds that make the audio less listenable. One thing we always keep is the sound of laughter and that always happens!


No need to be anxious about remembering everything. What is told is what's "top-of-mind" and it's priceless. If we do multiple recordings, more and more detail will come. Once you open up those doors of memory, the stories come flooding out. 

Once the recording sessions are complete. We'll edit the narrative into chapters and take out what doesn't advance the story. When that's complete, we'll return the "rough cut" back to the storyteller for review. This is their opportunity to suggest further edits if they have any. Then, we'll finish the editing and add musical transitions to the full story. When it's all said and done, you'll have a beautifully edited chaptered audio story to be cherished for generations to come!


If you desire to have a printed copy of the story, we can transcribe the completed audio narrative and have it formatted into a book. You may add photos to the book to give it even more detail. Every project is custom. You decide what you want, we're a resource to make it happen! 


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