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When Life Turns On A Dime

“Life can turn on a dime.” You’ve probably heard this phrase a time or two. It simply means that life can change course quickly. A quick change can be for better or worse, but it seems like this expression is used more often in relation to a dire change. The lives of two people I know, unexpectantly and dramatically changed this past weekend. The two circumstances are different. One was injured in a car crash and the other in a water recreation accident. Thankfully both men are alive, but they are in a battle for recovery with severe traumatic brain injuries.

How often have you witnessed this in your own life? A loved one starts his or her day completely unaware that anything will go awry and then it does. We all wake up hopeful. We settle into our routines, make plans, and then the unexpected happens. These tragic turns can’t be avoided, and we shouldn’t live in a constant state of fear. Perhaps all we can do is appreciate our lives and the lives of those we love, right now. Each day is a gift. Each memory is a gift. All together these days and these experiences make up our lives. Some people seemingly have more tragedy. I have no idea why this is, but I admire the strength that pulls them through each valley. The resilience that finds a way and eventually becomes part of their legacy.

None of us survive life. It’s a foregone conclusion that someday will be our last. However, each day that we are living on this Earth, is a day when we can make a difference. We can acknowledge the blessings in our own lives and spark joy in the lives of others. We can set out with the very best of intentions and anticipate the same. If the unexpected happens, may we persevere through the Valley and reach the other side as an even better version of ourselves.