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Halloween Do-Over

It’s almost here again…Halloween!

Isn’t it scary that this happened only a month or so ago? Time is either accelerating or I’ve been in a pandemic slumber for the better part of six months. Regardless, here we are, looking forward to Halloween. In all honesty, Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays. I love the excuse to purchase excessive amounts of candy, but I don’t care for scary movies, I don’t like to dress in costumes, and I don’t like pranks. You might call me more of an observer of Halloween rather than a participant. However, this year is a little different.

This year, everything feels different doesn’t it? Pandemic aside though, it’s different for me because this year I’m seeing everything through the eyes of our granddaughter. She’s only 10 months old right now so she isn’t able to grasp the concept of Halloween. She’s still working on more practical skills like walking and eating solid food. But I’m excited to experience Halloween with her, nonetheless. For those of you who are parents or grandparents, you probably understand that experiencing these events with your kids or grandkids gives you a chance for a bit of a do-over. You might participate in trick-or-treating again. You might seek out and maybe carve a pumpkin. You get to determine traditions and experiences that perhaps you wanted as a child. And you get to do all of this and savor the reaction of those in your care.

As I mentioned, Halloween isn’t really my thing. I can’t recall when I last dressed up for Halloween. For years I would simply wear a t-shirt with the phrase…”This is my Costume,” printed on it. But now I’m envisioning what costumes grandpa and I can wear as we traipse along with our granddaughter, trick-or-treating. I don’t want to miss out! I want to experience Halloween again as a child does, while it’s still a magical night that ends with an epic sugar rush. I want to invest in her story and our family story. What will this next generation Halloween tradition be? I’m not altogether sure but I do know I’m grateful to be part of it.

What are some of your Halloween traditions? What traditions did you have as a child and what did you add as an adult?