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When You Do That Thing You Never Thought You'd Do

Have you ever completed something that you never thought you could do? It just seemed unattainable? That is…until you did it. Then you kind of marvel at yourself thinking “I did that!” That’s me today. I just emailed a confirmation approving all of the final changes to my book. Yes, I wrote a book. How did that happen? One-step at a time, that’s for sure. The book is part tribute to my dad and mostly a “how-to” guide to instruct people on how to capture the stories and memories of their loved ones. Having access to my dad – telling his many stories in his own voice – is incredible. We’re getting close to the 4th anniversary of his passing. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been that long. So much in our lives has changed. Changes he’ll never witness. Perhaps the biggest change is the birth of our granddaughter, his great-granddaughter. Someday she’ll get to hear from her “great papa” and for this I’m thankful.

Life marches on relentlessly. One thing I’ve heard during this unexpected Covid-19 period is people reconnecting with family. For many, this pandemic was a big pause button. Our striving halted and we looked around, paused, and felt grateful for what we have and who is in our lives. The family constantly on the go and passing each other on the way out the door was now sheltering in place…together. This certainly brings about challenges but I’ve seen and heard of so many blessings as well. Families playing games, doing puzzles, reconnecting around a dinner table, and zooming with relatives near and far. No one was wishing for a pandemic and yet we can take some learnings from it. Perhaps one of your learnings is that life can, indeed, turn on a dime. You know who is important to you in your life, what can you do to preserve the stories and memories of those people? How can you ensure that they will one day be able to share their stories with future generations?

As the country begins to reopen and we arrive at a “new” normal, what have you learned? Maybe you completed something you never thought you’d do like homeschool your children, bake bread from scratch, or construct a garden. And maybe one of those other things that you know you need to do but don’t know how is to record the stories of your loved ones. If that’s you, I can help you get started now. You can schedule a FREE story strategy session with me by visiting and we’ll plot out exactly what you’d like to do. Or, you can scoop up a copy of my guide to preserving family stories and memories. The book will officially be available soon. Never thought I'd utter those words!