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Children Age You Quicker

She’s 3-months old already? How can this be?

As trite as it sounds, it does seem like yesterday that we were in the hospital anxiously awaiting her arrival. Now she’s not only here but she’s 3-months old!

I often feel as though life is passing quickly. We celebrate one Christmas holiday and then we are on to the next almost immediately (at least it feels this way). Someone once told me that children age you quicker. Okay, that’s not factually true but what they meant, and what does seem true, is that you have this little person who is a visible marker of time passing. They turn X number of months old – that much time has passed. They begin school – that much time has passed. You remember your own children at that age and how quickly school days flew by. You can see that happening all over again.

Our adorable little granddaughter is growing up quickly. This little wonder will only know me as a grandmother (or Mimi if that ever catches on!). She won’t understand that I was once her age. That I navigated school, had ups and downs with best friends, tried my hand at sports, and was in opposition with my parents. She won’t know these things unless I share them with her. Our stories connect us with other people. Others in our family and unrelated to us. When we discover we have something in common or a shared experience, we feel closer to the person. My plan is to stay plenty close to this granddaughter of mine. And, as she learns that we are similar, that bond will grow.

What about future generations? It's easy to share memories with our grandchildren but will we still be around for our great-grandchildren? I hope so! Our great-great grandchildren? Doubtful. So how will those precious babes get to know me and my husband? It will be through the legacy of our stories.

Do you have a plan to preserve your stories and memories? To connect with your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren? Recording your memories as you speak them aloud is a great way to easily preserve your family stories. Use the voice recorder on your phone or contact me. We can sit down together and walk through some of your favorite memories.