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Look Back to Leap Forward

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Do you love this time of year? Do you enjoy looking back and reflecting on all the wonderful events that shaped 2019? It’s hard to avoid the many recap shows on TV. I, for one, like watching them. In the busyness of day to day circumstances, I find that I’ve forgotten so much. Two thousand nineteen, like most years, was newsworthy. To add to the drama and reflection, this yearend also marks the end of the decade, which makes it even more momentous. When you look back one year you can see clearly so much change, growth, and maybe even heartache. Looking back over a decade magnifies that even more.

So what are you doing to celebrate your wins in 2019? Are you taking the time to look back and appreciate all that you’ve been through? Maybe you were promoted at work. Maybe another grandchild joined your growing family. Perhaps you downsized and freed yourself from decades of accumulated possessions. Perhaps you rid yourself of a bad habit. Something, or rather a whole lot of somethings, happened in 2019 that are worth celebrating. Even when things didn’t go your way, you gained wisdom, compassion, and resiliency. You are a different and stronger person than you were at the start of 2019. This is evident when you look back over one year and abundantly evident when you look back over a lifetime. You are an active participant in your life and what you’ve seen and done is a unique story that only you could have created.

Personally, I enjoy looking back and reminiscing at yearend. I also enjoy meeting with storytellers and helping them look back over their lives to see all that was wonderful and meaningful. These lessons and triumphs deserve to be recounted and preserved. The memories that stick with us and that we share, represent who we are and the path we’ve taken. Each person deserves the triumph of looking back and seeing how far he or she have come. Acknowledging what all a person has been through builds strength and endurance for the road ahead. It’s a beautiful thing to look back. Reminiscing does not get you stuck in the past. On the contrary, it takes the lessons of the past and brings them to the surface once again. You are abundantly equipped for what lies ahead because of the beautiful life you’ve lived so far. You have gained wisdom and resilience.

Take an hour or so and review the year that was. Acknowledge your part in our collective world story. What you’ve learned and what you’ve experienced in 2019 has you right where you need to be to embrace 2020.