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Pass the Grean Beans

Vegetables and I have made a healthy truce as I’ve aged. I like them (mostly), they like me (mostly). They tend to show up as an accompaniment to most of our nightly meals. When they are competing with a chicken breast, I can gladly make room for them. But then there’s Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is filled with one remarkable dish after another. Our fancy china plates are limited in size so this is where strategy comes into play. How do you assemble all of the yummy goodness harmoniously on one plate? It’s tempting to give vegetables the heave-ho. However, my daughter found and made this amazing green been dish a few years ago and it’s been her signature dish ever since. Those green beans always make it onto my plate.

Food is comforting to many of us and certain dishes get linked to certain occasions. Thanksgiving is highly centered around a meal so many dishes get associated with those holiday memories. There are also dishes that get associated with a certain event or season of life. My grandmother made the most scrumptious baked macaroni and cheese. She always made it when my sister and I would request a sleepover at her house. I’ve tried to make something similar and it pales in comparison. She just had the touch. There are several dishes I associate with my grandmother, a handful with my mom, and even a few with my dad. Kind of makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I wonder what dishes my children will associate with me? Maybe baked Brussel sprouts or kale soup? That’s sort of nightmarish isn’t it?

This Thanksgiving as you sit down to your meal, look around. What are some of the family favorites that make their yearly pilgrimage to your table? Do you know how these dish traditions got started? Do you have a signature dish of your own? Food lingers in memories and isn’t that a delicious realization!