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Happy Senior Citizen Day!

What? You didn’t know? You didn’t notice the aisles of decorations in retail stores?

No? Well, it’s certainly one of the lesser known days, I'll give you that. There are no specific decorations although seniors, like many of us, love shopping so I supposed all décor in retail stores is fair game.

National Senior Citizen Day was officially proclaimed a “Day,” in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan. There are over 1,500 national days so it’s easy to miss one or two or 1,441 of them. However, unlike National Pecan Torte Day (yes, that’s a day) or National Tooth Fairy Day (also a day), National Senior Citizen Day makes sense to me. Seniors not only make up a fair chunk of the population, they have also contributed enormously to our nation and our way of life. Those seniors in your life have walked a brave and bold path that those coming behind can appreciate.

Just so we’re clear, the term “senior citizen” is most likely used to describe folks 65 years of age or older. Even though senior discounts are often awarded to those in their 50’s, Senior Citizen Day is set aside for those with even more life experience. And perhaps even more accumulated “stuff” so don’t think you need to get anyone a gift today. Today is a day to simply acknowledge the senior citizens in your life. Perhaps give them a call or take them to lunch. Listen as they share with you some of their stories and wisdom.

Today is officially Senior Citizen Day and yet every day that I get the pleasure of hearing and recording someone’s story is a special day in my book. Most of my clients are senior citizens and their stories are amazing. Each person, as they look back over their life so far, can see fairly clearly the path they have travelled and often the impact they have made. In many cases, they have raised families, built careers, participated in nation shaping events, volunteered, travelled, and touched many, many lives. There is wisdom in all of that. We rarely do anything that we don’t learn at least something. That one thing might be just the thing that someone else needs to know.

As the National Day Calendar puts it, “Our senior citizens are pioneers of science, medicine, psychology, civil rights and so much more. Their valuable contributions to our communities create better places to live.” Spend time with a senior citizen today or any day and your life will be enriched. Take from them a piece of advice that you can apply and accelerate your own growth. Listen to their stories and experience history in a real and personal way. Show them gratitude and lift their spirits and your own.

Happy National Senior Citizen Day!


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