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She Said "Yes" to the Dress

Surrounded by lace, silk, and taffeta, I hunted for the perfect dress. The dress that would make my already stunning oldest daughter look even more beautiful. It was time to find the perfect gown and I was ready for the task!

Turns out my eagerness did not translate into "the dress." My gown didn't even make the first round cut. However she did find "the dress." And, it is stunning!

This adventure, like so many, is seared into my memory and it makes me smile. Her gown posse was limited to just five of us. We arm-wrestled for positions but fortunately, I had priority as the mother of the bride.

Mother of the bride? How can that be? It seems like just yesterday she was dressing up in a Belle costume and imagining herself as the Disney princess. During her gown fitting, she looked like a real princess and I hope she felt that way.

Prior to the appointment, she was a bit concerned that she would not find the right dress. I assured her that she would “just know.” In between dresses, my mom, sister, and I chatted about the day when we were in the same situation – shopping for our own wedding gowns. Surprisingly, it did not take long for any of us. When you find the dress that matches your vision of your big day - it's time to say, "Yes!

" My daughter found her perfect dress in an hour. She tried on maybe 6 or 7. It seemed like each dress was more beautiful than the one before it. However, when it came to Round 2 - we had a clear winner.

Being there to watch our Belle lookalike find her own wedding dress was magical. As in the case of memories, an event will often trigger an onslaught of remembrances. This event certainly did. Even though wedding dress shopping happened all those years ago, my mom, my sister, and I, we all remember. It’s one of those cherished experiences and I trust my daughter will find that to be the case as well. She will remember her cheering section as we grappled with what “number” to rate her dresses. She will remember the feeling as she walked out of her dressing room to a symphony of ooohs and ahhhs. She will remember her reflection as she spun around in her perfect gown. This was her day and it will be followed by many more magical days as she gets ever closer to walking down the aisle. Then, one day, she will be taking her own daughter dress shopping and she will relive the moment of yesterday in vivid detail.

What do you recall most about your wedding experience? What were the parts that were amazing? What crazy thing happened that you could not have predicted?