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Why Do You Dye Easter Eggs?

Do you ever wonder just how and why certain traditions got started and why they endure?

As we prepare for Easter Weekend, I can completely understand the religious significance of the event. Church attendance swells as people reconnect with what Jesus did for us on the cross. It is a special time that many families incorporate as part of their Easter Weekend.

Likely many of those families also dye Easter eggs. Where did this tradition come from? Being curious, I asked the all-knowing Google and found these 5 Theories on Why We Dye Eggs for Easter. I found them rather surprising. I had heard one before but the others were all new. So, without resounding significance - why has this tradition endured? Do people just like having extra boiled eggs (colorized nonetheless)?

It’s interesting how we do things out of tradition and habit. Perhaps you colored Easter Eggs as a kid and you want to recreate the same experience for your children. Or maybe you’re susceptible to all of the advertising. I’m sure egg producers and Easter dye manufacturers consider this the SuperBowl of their season! When our kids were growing up, we found ourselves loading up on vinegar this time of year. We didn’t think anything about it, we just did it because that’s what you do on Easter right? And, it’s fun. Our oldest daughter is off-the-charts creative. She made some amazing Easter egg projects. I almost didn’t want to eat the finished masterpiece. But a desire for deviled eggs got the best of me every time.

What are some of the Easter traditions you and your family enjoy? Have you stopped to consider why you do them? Is it simply something your family has always done? How have these traditions changed over time? (For one, Easter egg dye kits have become very sophisticated!)

Overall, what is your very favorite Easter tradition?