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The Ripple Effect

Do you ever feel like life is racing by at a breakneck pace? One day you’re putting the last present under the Christmas tree and the next day you’re making plans for Easter brunch! How does that happen? Life is crazy busy and it’s easy to get caught up in the flow of routine, chores, and countless responsibilities. Then, when you have a moment to breath, you wonder where all of the time went.

Each of us has a desire for significance. There is something deep within us that wants to make a difference. We want to do work that matters – matters to our family, our friends, and our community.

As we look back on our lives and reflect, wouldn’t it be nice to know that we’ve made some impact? When I record folks telling their stories, clues about what kind of impact they have made are evident. The values that are important to them shine through. It’s undeniable that those values radiate from them in a way that impacts other people. A gentleman whose story I’m editing right now places a high value on having a positive attitude. This is apparent from his demeanor and from most everything he says. There’s not a part of him that complains. He sees the bright side of everything and everyone. It’s one of the things that makes him a joy to be around. Through his stories, it’s evident how his attitude impacted his family and his work. As he recalls the men who poured into his life, I can’t help but wonder how many other people will one day list this man as being influential in their lives. Every life has a ripple effect on so many more.

We have the ablity to impact people every single day from small ways to big ways. What can you do to help your loved ones realize what a tremendous difference they’ve made in your life and the lives of those around them? One way is to intentionally carve out time for them to review their life and share who they are and what they believe. A personal story recording does this. A skilled interview will reveal what they value by capturing how they live their life. This wisdom is then forever preserved for the family to enjoy for generations.

Before Easter passes and before we start buying Christmas presents again, stop and consider what you can do to preserve the wisdom and impact of those closest to you. If you really want to safeguard this, record it. Keep it and savor it before life rushes onward. Those who have had the most impact on you, the ones who have shaped you into who you are, deserve to be remembered and remembered well.

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