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The Look Of Sound

Today as I was editing, I was struck by the beautiful way sound looks. That might seem like an odd statement. How does one see sound?

Well…every sound has a wave pattern and that pattern can be visibly shown. This is what I “see” as I edit. As I spend hours and hours reviewing and editing a person’s story, I become very familiar with their unique sound - what it "looks" like and what it sounds like. With time, you can spot the familiar words and phrases even before you hear them.

There are two displays that show on the monitor as I edit. The one I find most striking is the Spectral Frequency Display. It looks like a beautiful Arizona sunrise or sunset if you prefer. I have included a photo along with this post so that you can see it for yourself. This is a life story. There is much more inside than can be “seen” however, the visual representation is beautiful too. Every story is as unique as a person’s fingerprint. It is true; we are all beautifully and wonderfully made.

One of my favorite sounds to capture is the sound of someone’s laughter. These waveforms take all shapes. Some people ratchet up their laughter and start low before really gathering steam. Others peak at the beginning and slowly fade. Some are constant like a row of fence rails all neatly lined up together. Whatever their formation might be, these sounds are precious.

As we breathe, we make noise. The way in which we connect our sentences together becomes a recognizable occurrence. Each dip and peak of the spectral frequency display reveals our intricate patterns. We all sound different, we all look different, and we all have different stories. No one on this earth has experienced what you have nor can they retell your experiences better than you can.

Whatever we remember about our loved ones, there is nothing that can quite match the sound of their voice telling their story. The words, phrases, dialect, pauses, breaths…they are only ever owned by one person. And that life story is beautiful and worth preserving.

If you want to hear and see the story of your loved, we can help. Connect with Remembered Well online for a free story consultation or call us at 623-696-6998.


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