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Capture the Look and Sound of Back-to-School

What is a better signal that summer is over then when we start to see first day of school photos shared throughout social media? There’s an excitement to back-to-school that’s undeniable. It’s a fresh start - new clothes, new school supplies, new teacher, new expectations. Soon the new school year falls into a familiar and predictable pattern that has many students anticipating the next break but those first few days...they’re magical!

What back-to-school traditions did you have growing up? Did you take the teacher an apple? Did you always get a new backpack? Did you take photos on the first day? I remember doing this a number of times and it’s a tradition I transferred to my own family. As the kids got older, they grumbled a bit but that visible record of their growth is precious and I think they’d even appreciate the tradition now. With the proliferation of Pinterest, I’ve seen some very clever additions to the traditional first day of school photo. Some pictures show the children holding signs with not only their age/grade but also things like what they want to be when they grow up and their favorite food. Most likely, these things will change over time and that’s what makes looking back so much fun.

The main service of Remembered Well is producing audio stories because the voice and audio are so strong in conjuring up memories. Hearing someone engages the brain and enhances memory. Children’s voices change greatly as they grow. Might we suggest capturing a small clip of audio to go along with the first day of school photo shoot? Imagine if you could hear from your 6-year old child again about what she wanted to be when she grew up or what he was most looking forward to in 1st Grade? Use the voice app on your phone or shoot a short video. The high-pitched sound of those young and eager voices is a wonderful complement to the adorable photos.

Here’s to a tremendously successful school year for all of the parents, teachers, and students!


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