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The Dog Days of Summer - Arizona Style

Ahhh…the dog days of summer. Lazy days. Swimming holes. Long sunlit evenings spent outside. Well, not so much in Arizona. As someone described it to me before I moved here, Arizona summers are like northern winters. It's true. We stay inside, huddled around air conditioning units, trying to beat the heat. As I write this, it’s already 100 degrees outside and it’s only 9am. Looks like it will be a 115+ kind of day.

Memories are very much tied to weather. Rainy days bring on certain emotions, feelings, and memories. Rainy days are some of my favorites and a rare thing in the desert southwest. But those rainy days remind me of staying inside, listening to the rain on the roof, rummaging around for an umbrella, wearing boots. Even though too many rainy days may make one sad, a well-placed rainy day is a treat.

Having lived in Arizona for 17 summers now, any former summer memories are fading in comparison. Unlike the summers of my youth, summers today are not necessarily something to eagerly anticipate. Summers in Phoenix mean heat and lots of it! Even the swimming pool doesn’t offer much refuge as it hovers around 95 degrees. Our family is fortunate to have a partial basement which is much cooler than the rest of the house. Sometimes we’ll head down there to watch a movie. Of course the dogs join us. This is one of their preferred places to spend their dog days of summer.

Yes, I certainly have two different summer experiences in my life. How about you? What did you do for fun in the summer as a child? How about now? What are some of your favorite summer memories?