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Now That's a Resolution Worth Keeping!

“New Year’s Resolutions,” “goals,” "promises," “yearly resets,” however you term the things you want to accomplish in this new year, they basically boil down to one thing – they are what you want to accomplish this year. New Year’s resolutions have gotten kind of a bad rap. Probably because so few people actually follow through and accomplish their resolutions. It’s estimated that only 8% do. I’m guilty of being among the 92% of folks who fall short. And yet, I set a few resolutions for myself this year. Even if I don’t fully conquer the goal, I figure I'm at least heading in the right direction and that’s important. If I only stick with healthy eating for a couple of months, at least it's a couple of months of healthy eating.

There is a resolution – a very worthwhile one – that you can make and keep. Make a decision to preserve your story this year. It doesn’t matter how old you are, this isn’t reserved for people who are in their Golden Years. You are never closer to your history than you are today. Those precious memories of your youth will not become more clear five years from today or 10 years from today. Details only fade with time. That’s a natural part of aging for all of us. Therefore, take the time to capture your memories and stories now while they are fresh in your mind or at least not as faded as they will be years from today. Make this a New Year's Resolution! And this is one you’re going to keep because Remembered Well will be your accountability partner. Call me and let’s get the ball rolling. Once you start, you will finish. You just need to make the commitment in your mind and make the call to schedule. From that point on, I’ll be the project manager and make sure we stay on track.

Weight loss goals are always on my list of resolutions. I may lose the weight, I may not, but this goal is always on my list. Even if one year I’m successful in losing weight, I tend to gain it back over time. Consequently, weight loss goes back on my list again and again. Recording your story is different. Once it’s done, you’ve got it. Yes, you can add to it but the stories and memories you’ve recorded are preserved. You have them to enjoy and listen to and so do your family and friends.

This year, make a resolution that sticks - chose to record your memories and stories. Don’t put it off until “someday” because “someday” has a way of becoming “none day.” Make a resolution to create something of value this year. Then, when you look back on 2018, you can say – “Yeah, I did that!” Not only will you benefit but so will your friends and family for generations to come.

Happy New Year!

Want to get a better idea of what a Remembered Well story sounds like? Check out this “Healthy Senior Living” radio show. A Remembered Well client is featured at around 13 minutes into the show. It’s just a short clip from a much longer narrative but you’ll get the idea.