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Where Were You? Events Forever Etched In Our Minds

The past week we’ve been inundated with tributes and stories of 9/11. And rightly so. We should never forget those who lost their lives on that fateful day. Like all of you, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was finishing getting ready for work. My husband and I were in a rented house in Chandler and I was dreading the heavy commute ahead of me. Bob called to me and said “Look at the TV. Someone just flew an airplane into one of the Twin Towers.” It seemed like such a freak accident. How could a pilot be so off course that they hit a big building like that? At first we thought it was a small commuter plane. Big jets don't fly into buildings. It was unimaginable to us, staring at the damage from the first plane, that this was a coordinate attack and that this was only the beginning of the terror to come.

It all seemed unreal...and terrifying. I felt vulnerable and scared in a way I never had before. I had not lived through any wars, and an attack like this on American soil was unthinkable. At least it was until it happened. I remember it so clearly that it’s hard to realize that today’s high school students (and most college students) have no recollection of 9/11. They were just too young. 9/11, like Pearl Harbor, are tragic history lessons they’ve been taught in school.

As part of anyone’s life story, there are those events – big national events – that shaped you. You were a first hand witness to history. Your perspective of where you were and how you felt add a personal twist to what's written in history books. As part of your life story, don’t shy away from sharing these experiences. I often ask my clients questions to draw out these stories. As a result, I have an enhanced understanding of the Depression, the assassination of President Kennedy, Pearl Harbor, natural disasters, and so much more. No, these aren’t joyous memories but they are important memories. Reading something in a textbook is far different from hearing it from someone you know...someone who lived the experience.

May we never become emotionless about our history. Tragedy and hardship are a part of life. Share your story - your full story - so that the past is never forgotten.

Wisdom is a gift. Save it Today. Share it Forever.


Peoria, AZ, USA

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