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Sand And Saltwater In My Veins

"I swear I must have had sand and saltwater in my veins. I actually remember when I got to be seven..eight years old...I'd stay down there (the beach) all day."

Ah, the carefree days of summer! Do you have a particularly fond memory of the beach? The above quote is from Joyce. I had the privilege of recording her memories and she described the beach so vividly. Growing up in Washington state and having ready access to the beach, shaped her. The strong connection to the sound of the ocean, the smell of the wind as it blows in from the sea, the shells left behind by the receeding waves are all a distinct part of Joyce's childhood.

Those childhood memories are but a piece of the puzzle of how Joyce became who she is. It's why she collected shells nearly her whole life. These tangible artifacts, carefully placed throughout her home, kept the beach close. And the indepence of play out on the beach no doubt contributed to her adventuresome spirit. She boldly pursued a career in Finance when it "just wasn't something women did at the time."

This adventuresome spirit really struck me. It sparks up often in her memories. As a child, her mom would pack her a lunch and she'd spend all day on the beach. That got me to thinking how much our world has changed - at least from my perspective. Do kids nowadays get the opportunity to wander and explore? And what are they missing if they don't? Is exploring outside all that different from exploring carefully crafted video gaming worlds?

Joyce's stories capture a moment in time and showcase her youthful experience. We all have this. We all have a unique and fascinating compare/contrast to what is taking place today and what successive generations will experience. Is it better? Is it worse? Or is it just different?

Here's your challenge - take a few minutes today to record or jot down your experience of the beach or your carefree summer youth. What were your days filled with? How did those experiences shape you as an adult?