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Fathers Hold a Special Place in Our Hearts

Father's Day is right around the corner! Have you planned something special for your Dad? Probably the most special thing you can do is to spend some time with him either in person or on the phone. I truly wish I could do the same. This is my first Father's Day without my dad and I must admit I'm dreading it slightly. It'll be strange not reaching out to my dad and hearing his voice. At the same time, I don't want to short-change my husband who is a wonderful father in his own right (that's him in the photo). Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, I hope we can all agree that Father's Day is special. Those men who have embraced fatherhood make a big difference in the lives of their children.

Last night I had a meeting with a young and successful entrepreneur. We got to talking about dads and his respect and gratitude for his dad was absolutely palpable. This father poured into the life of his son and positively influenced who he is today - a professional, hard-working, empathetic, and innovative leader. What a tremendous legacy!

I believe this individual has communicated his sentiments directly to his father. His father is a gregarious fellow and a man bursting with pride about his son. It's heartwarming to see these two together.

Kindly spoken words are amazing to hear and a joy to receive. To make those words live on, consider recording your sentiments. You can do this via the recorder on your phone or you can enlist the services of a personal historian like me to help you organize your thoughts and professionally record your words. You may think that a personal historian only works with folks who are reflecting back on a long life. Nope. It simply means I'm here to help you preserve important parts of your life for the benefit of those you love and for future generations.

This Father's Day, consider saving and sharing your thoughts about your dad - a man who shaped you. A sentimental card is good, but your voice, sharing from your heart in a way that your dad can listen to again and again, is even better! Here are a few questions for you to consider as you think about creating an enduring message to your dad. Even if your dad has passed, consider answering these questions anyway. Others deserve to know what kind of father you had and his influence on you is something only you can communicate:

  • What is one of your favorite memories of your dad?

  • What makes your dad unique?

  • What positive character traits have you developed from observing your father?

  • What piece of wisdom did your dad share with you that holds special meaning to you?

  • How did your dad make you feel special growing up?

Make this Father's Day filled with meaning! Let your dad know how you feel about him and what makes him so special. Dads aren't with us forever but they sure do make a difference during the time that they are present.