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The Best Gift (hint: It's Not a Tie)

How many of you have given your dad a necktie for Fathers Day?

(Author sheepishly raises her hand).

In fact, I’m such a stellar gift-giver that I can check off every box in those “Top 10 Gifts NOT to get Your Dad this Father's Day.”

I'll bet I'm not alone though. With retail spending projected at over $14 billion, many neckties will be purchased again this year. In my defense, when I was purchasing ties for my dad, it was in part because he had been newly elected as the President of the Western Building Materials Association. He needed more dress clothes than he would ordinarily possess working at the lumber yard. Still, my dad was not a “tie-guy.” Grasping for a tie was really me not knowing what to get my dad. And I’m pretty sure it was preceded by a call to my mom – “Hey, what should I get dad for Father's Day?”

There comes a time in life when your parents just seem to have everything they want/need or the means to go and get it. Yet, as children, we desire to show them (even in a small tangible way) that we love them and appreciate them. There was love within that box with the tacky tie. Sadly, the gift I purchased for my dad last year probably would have been his favorite. It was a 4-hour fishing trip at a nearby lake with a guide and all the fishing accessories. I was hoping it would give him further incentive to rally from cancer once again. But last year cancer bested him.

One final gift we gave each other was in capturing his memories and stories. I say it was a gift we gave each other because he thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing and sharing his favorite stories and memories and having his voice recorded is an absolutely precious gift for me and my family. I wish he had been able to pull a bass from Lake Pleasant but that was not to be. However, I now understand (even better) my dad’s love of fishing. How he and his dad fished together from an early age. How he used to get seasick and how he eventually got over it. His harrowing ocean fishing trips that were certainly not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach! I’m grateful for that insight into my dad.

This Father’s Day will be unusual. Of course we’ll celebrate my husband and his role as a father but that’s very different from honoring your own dad. Let me encourage you to include a big dose of quality time to go along with whatever gift you purchase. Ask your dad about his life, share why you’re grateful that he is your father, dream together about how you can make memories in the near future. Fathers aren’t a permanent fixture in our lives but they are exceedingly important during the time we have them. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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