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Salad and Personal History - May's Lesser Known Observances

Personal History Awareness Month is here! Some of you may be thinking – what the heck is that? And why do we need another holiday in May? Well, let me take a stab at explaining that.

May is a month designated by the Association of Personal Historians to create awareness about the importance of capturing and preserving life stories and family memories. With the hustle and bustle of our every day, when do we pause and reflect on the passing of time (besides our birthdays)? Each day brings forth new opportunities but each day also distances us from our past. Good, bad, or somewhere in between, our past defines us and often predicts our future. What we’ve lived through and what we’ve experienced is unique and valuable. It’s tempting to think that what you’ve experienced is only about you and not of value to others but nothing could be further from the truth. The experiences that shaped you, influence those close to you.

Before I had children, I knew what kind of parent I’d be. I’d be loving but disciplined, fun and helpful. My kids would be polite and well groomed. We’d be the fun house where everyone would gather. Fresh baked goods would adorn the interior of my clean kitchen and I’d intuitively know the right comforting words when my kids came home downcast. Yeah…right! I had no idea the demands of parenting. Suddenly, my mom, a woman whom I’d always admired and loved, became brilliant! How did she do it? How did she keep us alive? I had a good childhood. How did my parents navigate the world of temper-tantrums and outright defiance? My mom had walked this path before me and she became my #1 go-to. Her wisdom helped on many occasions and I still regularly tap into that knowledge pool. If we’re willing to humble ourselves and learn, there’s much to be gained from the wisdom of others.

Personal History Awareness Month, as the title suggests, is a time to contemplate our history and that of our loved ones. Perhaps this awareness then spills over into action and we take steps to record our memories and stories. My mom won’t always be around but her preserved timeless truths will be. Wisdom is simply one of the best gifts you can give and one of the best gifts you can receive.

I don’t exactly know why May is the month for personal history awareness but I think it’s perfectly positioned. May already has us thinking of our moms with Mother’s Day and then thinking of our veterans with Veterans Day. Both of these groups deserve our appreciation and our respect. If you are able, why not sit with your mom or a veteran you know and ask them to share their stories. Just think of what all you can learn while giving them the opportunity to reminisce.

There are many holidays and observances in the month of May. Some like Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo are well known and then there are the more obscure ones like National Salad Month and Hug Your Cat Day (May 12th). However, Personal History Awareness Month complements all of these. Just think...part of someone’s legacy was initiating all of these holiday/observances. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know the story behind Crouton Day (May 13)? Who has that kind of passion for croutons?! Well, someone does and it’s part of their story.

Happy Personal History Awareness Month!

In honor of Personal History Awareness Month in May, all Remembered Well personal history packages are discounted 15%. Moms and veterans receive an additional 5% throughout May.