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Memories, Moms, and the Month of May

It's hard to believe that May is right around the corner! Wasn't it only last week that we were wrapping Christmas presents?Where did the time go?

In addition to flowers blooming and birds singing, May is a special month for many reasons. For my husband and I, this May marks our 20th wedding anniversary. I'm thankful we get to celebrate this milestone and I pray for many more years together.

May also hosts Mothers Day. A day to honor and remember our mothers. My mom is an incredible woman. I'm grateful that I get to spend time with her and appreciate her as an adult child. As I look back on my life, I now know how fortunate I was even though I spent one entire summer being grounded! My mom was tough but loving and I admire the way she cemented our family together.

Not everyone views Mother's Day with the same anticipation that I do. For some of you, it's a painful reminder that your mother is no longer living. Or perhaps the child/mother relationship in your family was difficult and still is. My heart goes out to you. I can't pretend to understand your situation but I hope you can distance yourself enough to either relish the fond memories of your mother, or contain the memories of hurt and recognize instead how your unique experience shaped you.

Whatever your path has been, it's a part of your story. This May, consider noting your life experience. You might choose to record your thoughts or write them down. Regardless, think through how being a mom, having a mom, or missing a mom has shaped you. And after you've done that...go out and smell the flowers! They really are beautiful this time of year.

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