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Wisdom Wednesday - Life is Like a Book

Wisdom Wednesday is about learning from those who have walked the path before us. Aging might rob from us some of the activities of our youth but it also blesses us with wisdom and perspective. This wisdom is a gift.

Today you'll hear from Sam. Sam is one of the most upbeat individuals I've ever met. Consequently, I couldn't help but ask him how he maintains his zest for life. I suppose I held a rather common but myopic view that as life progresses, we mourn for those relationships or activities that we no longer have or can no longer do. But Sam explained how this truly isn't the case. Life is instead like a good book and each chapter holds its own mystery, joy, and challenges. Instead of holding onto past chapters, you plunge ahead eagerly anticipating what happens next. Listen to Sam's wisdom as he describes how life is like a book. (Either click the hyperlink or go directly to Wisdom Wednesday audio can be found on the "Examples" page within the "Wisdom Wednesday" section. Unfortunately, this blog doesn't support audio excerpts. Nonetheless, it's worth the extra couple of clicks to hear Sam's message.)

How does this change your perspective on aging? Do you find yourself eagerly awaiting each chapter as it comes or are you more likely to hang onto the past? Can you identify the chapters of your life story? Do you appreciate the lessons and experiences you've gained along the way?

Wisdom is a Gift. Save it today. Share it forever.