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The Wisdom of "Just do It!"

Recently I took a course for the editing software I use to construct Remembered Well life stories. So many tricks and tips! My only regret is not taking the course sooner. Have you experienced that? Maybe it's going back to school. Did you ever think that you were too old to go back? Or maybe it's taking up a sport like Karate but you don't want to be surrounded by 8-year-olds in gis? Is there something you wanted to do but you haven't (yet!)?

It's never too late until it is too late. That's why there are so many inspirational posts about "seizing the day!". And Nike did pretty darn well with a tagline of "just do it." So simple. Just do it! Just go back to school. Just start that hobby you've always wanted to try. Just go on a mission trip in a far away land. Just do it!

A relative of mine went back and earned his GED at the age of 70. He'd been financially successful and you'd have never guessed he was lacking a high school education. But it weighed on him. It was one of those things he wanted to accomplish. An item for his bucket-list I suppose. So we all cheered when he went back and got it. He demonstrated perseverance and he also demonstrated that an education was valuable to him. Maybe not so much when he was a rebellious teenager but over time he learned this. Getting his GED late in life is a lesson in wisdom and it's an important part of his life story.

What are the highlights of your life story? What do they say about you and what you value? What are you doing to preserve this wisdom and pass it along to future generations.

If you've been thinking about writing or recording your life story...what's stopping you? You're not "too old." The longer you've lived, the richer your wealth of wisdom. And you're probably not "too young" either. Your history doesn't change. If you've lived it, it's happened. The only thing that changes is your ability to recall details in vivid clarity. In the wise words of a global shoe company - Just do it!


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