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Happy Wife, Happy Life

Are you a romantic or are you most likely to turn and gag once the final scene closes and the guy gets the girl? I don't think of myself as particularly romantic but I do LOVE to hear stories about long loves, how they met, and what's their secret for happiness. There's something very encouraging about hearing of that couple who have stayed together for many years and still love each other. Kind of gives us all hope for our romantic journey wherever we may be on it.

Last week I spent some time with a group of senior citizens. One lady in the crowd remarked that she met her husband on a Thursday and they married the following Sunday! Despite the accelerated courtship, their union lasted for over 60 years until he passed away. Wow!

I had to know - what was the secret to this long and happy marriage? Well, she was eager to share two pieces of advice. One - you have to live a long time! If you want to be married for over 60 years, you both have to live over 60 years. So that little tidbit falls into the "obvious" category. And for the second secret, she leaned over and looked me in the eye to make sure I got it. "Have you ever heard the phrase 'happy wife, happy life'"? Why yes I have! Apparently that's the secret. Her husband embraced that logical piece of advice everyday and they did indeed have a happy marriage.

Wisdom comes with age. And wisdom comes with being married for a long time! What wisdom can we learn from those who have walked the path ahead of us? I think it's boundless. Ask your relatives to share their secrets for a fulfilling life and jot down or record their answers. Find out how they met the love of their life or why they still pine for the "one who got away." Just don't let this wisdom vanish. Save it for you. Save it for the next generation. Save if for the newlywed who could benefit from knowing that the secret to a long happy marriage is "happy wife, happy life!"