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The Big Game

Do you ever think about your life story? If you were to share your story with someone in only a couple of hours, what would you include? Would you include your likes and dislikes? Your travel adventures? Your hobbies? Stories about starting a family? Buying your first house? Your career?

It's hard to whittle down a well lived life into a highlight reel. And yet we all inately are able to do this. We blur out much of the detail of the mundane and share those things that truly shaped us or bring us happy remembrances. I suppose that's why I would include my love of football as part of my life story. It's something my dad and I shared and it's become a significant part of my life.

Now that the Superbowl is coming up, many people will have their thoughts on football. And while I have no allegiance to either of the teams playing, I will be watching from the pre-game prognostication to the post-game wrap-up.

Clearly I never played football, so where did this love of football come from? It came from my dad. He was an avid football fan and a long-suffering fan of the Seattle Seahawks. Football was a way that he and I could connect. It was something we shared and could communicate about even when I was grown and on my own.

I remember may days of travelling from eastern Washington, across the Cascade Mountains and into Seattle to watch the games played in the Kingdome. My dad had season tickets and what a treat it was to watch the game in person from our lofty (but still good) seats. It took about four hours to drive there, three hours for the game, and another four hours home. It made for a long but wonderful day. Some of the best conversations I ever had with my dad took place in the truck on our way to or from a game. And since football is a fall/winter sport, I have plenty of weather related dramatic stories as well. What an adventure we had!

So this Sunday, I'll be cheering on an unfamiliar team as I lament the fact that neither the Cardinals nor the Seahawks made the championship game this year. But as any die hard football fan will tell you...there's always next year. I wish I had a next year with my dad but his memory will live on. I'm grateful to have recorded his stories and, just like me, a portion of his life story is about his love for football.