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We All Take a Turn Sleeping on the Floor

My husband recently celebrated his 50th birthday surrounded by friends and family. It was a joyous occasion. He’s healthy and happy and has much to look forward too. His brother and sisters all joined us along with some of his nieces and nephews. No small feat considering they live in another state. I’m incredibly grateful for this time to gather as a family and for the new memories we created. I wonder if this will prove to be one of those events that the kids remember as they reflect back on their lives. “Remember that time we all visited Uncle Bob in AZ and slept in the basement and tried scorpion pops?” I hope they will remember it fondly.

Travelling as a child is such an adventure. Tomorrow a portion of the family is headed to the Grand Canyon to ride the train and gaze upon this wonder. The boys are young and may remember the Grand Canyon but I bet they will remember the ancillary events - the train, hotel, horses, and traveling with grandma. One of my clients, in his 70s, described very vividly Christmas when he was a child. Everyone gathered at their house - aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa, and a bunch of cousins. He and his sister were uprooted from their rooms and forced to sleep on the floor of their parent’s bedroom. Again, as a child, it was an exciting adventure and a glorious change of pace.

What family memories do you hold dear? Was it a big family gathering? A camping trip? A train ride? Why not write them down? Start preserving these special times so your grandchildren learn that while grandma and grandpa might be the purpose for today’s celebration, they were once sleeping on the floor too!

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