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Making Memories One Year at a Time

Bake this, wrap that, host this, send that...sometimes it feels like the Christmas season is a never ending to-do list. But I've created this unwieldy list and I truly wouldn't have it any other way. I relish our various Christmas traditions and I can't think of one I'd be willing to give up. Yes, they make me a little crazy at times but I love the results. I love to see the joy that these little traditions bring to the recipients.

Maybe I'll be more organized next year (doubtful) or maybe I'll actually stop filling stockings for our adult children (also doubtful). So I guess I'll just embrace the crazy and enjoy the smiles and the laughter they bring. Memory by memory, this is our legacy. This is what our children will remember about us, about the holiday season. And this is how we connect with our friends and relatives to let them know we care about them. We may be distracted throughout the year but at least at Christmas we can really make an effort. Even if it makes us a little crazy.

What holiday traditions do you value the most?


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