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Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies make up a special part of our family's holiday tradition. Every year, I take requests from our family for the type of cookie they want me to bake and I make it for them. I also always try one or two new recipes because that's just fun!

I'm currently editing audio memories of a client named Joyce. She started a wonderful holiday tradition of making cookies with her children and then her grandchildren. She'd put a tarp on the floor and then add a special little table and let the kids have their fun right alongside her. I can imagine the flour flying! And I can imagine the memories building. Joyce is now in the season of life of having great-grandchildren and she mentioned how her daughters are carrying on the tradition. And as the generations go by, it will be fun for the great-grandchildren and great great grandchildren to learn where this family tradition began.

That's one of the things I love about recording people's memories. You are documenting precious family history. I wish I knew what some of my grandmother's traditions were. I don't remember baking cookies with her but I do have several recipes of hers that I still use. I wonder if they started with her or if they were passed down from previous generations, from relatives I never knew? And that's part of a history I'll never know.

History happens every day. What are you doing to capture your family traditions? If you like a little help, contact me at


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