Why should I pay for something I can do myself?

You certainly can collect and save personal memories yourself. In fact, there are numerous books and resources online to help prepare you. So why haven't you done it? You probably don't have the time or the project seems overwhelming. This is the advantage of hiring a professional. It ensures that these priceless family stories get preserved and they are preserved to an exceptional quality. If something is going to last forever, it's worth investing in to have it done right.  You no longer have to regret or worry about running out of time. It's done! You get keepsake stories and the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what happens, the wisdom and family stories of those you love are preserved forever. 

Shouldn't I write my memoirs so future generations can read about me? Isn't that better?

Nice idea and if you're a writer and really enjoy writing, by all means, capture your thoughts on paper. The reasons Remembered Well records audio are 1) being able to hear the storyteller's voice is priceless. How valuable would it be to once again hear the sound of a loved one after they've moved on to a better place? 2) For some people, it's just easier to converse. The flow of memories come quickly and unobstructed when people are talking. If you desire a written product in addition to the audio, we can provide a transcription of the audio recording. 3) It's hard to predict how future generations will prefer to consume content but if the explosion of podcasting and online videos is any indication, an audio history is a great option for preserving stories. Audio is what is known as a "secondary media" meaning that people listen while doing other things. They might listen while driving, or cleaning, or taking a walk. With people multi-tasking more than ever, audio fits well into a busy lifestyle. Books are great but people need to carve out unobstructed time to consume them. Why not get both and double the odds that future generations take in the wisdom of those who have gone before them?


Can you do the recording in-person?


Yes, we can! If you live within the Phoenix metro market let's discuss and in-person recording. In-person recordings are even more special and of higher quality because we take our fancy mics with us. However, we understand that not everyone is right down the road. Stories exist everywhere and the phone is a convenient device for recording. Anyone who knows the value of a voice mail message from a loved one knows that recordings - of any kind - are precious as long as you can clearly hear the voice. Zoom calls are another option and are a bridge between the phone and in-person experience. You at least get to see the person whom you are conversing with. We are happy to help facilitate this. Should you want the in-person recording, there is an additional expense to account for travel time. 

What if my relative won't open up to a stranger?

You'd be surprised! In fact, sometimes it's easier to open up to a stranger than someone you have a shared history with. Your loved one might try and couch their answers so they are more appealing to someone in the family. With someone they don't have a shared history with, they may feel freer to candidly converse. Sometimes family members also find it difficult to resist correcting someone when the facts aren't quite accurate. But remember - this is their story! A personal historian doesn't have insider knowledge and that allows for the conversation to flow. Plus, if you already know the story, there's a common understanding of "what the family farm looked like" or how much they "loved their spouse." This can lead to short-handing. When sharing with an outsider, the storyteller is more apt to include all of the rich details in their description of places and events. And if they don't, we'll be sure and ask for it! This increased detail is what's necessary for future generations to truly enjoy the stories shared.


Everyone is healthy and doing great! Isn't this something to do later?


Putting important things off until "later" often results in them not getting done at all. The past doesn't change. It's been lived and enjoyed. The only thing that changes is a person's ability to recollect detail about past events. Record a story today while the storyteller has command of the facts, the names, the dates, and the detail. A story can always be added to later. Capture the stories up to this point and go out and make many more memories!


Just like you get your financial assets in order by setting up retirement accounts, creating a will and trust, assigning a medical power of attorney - preserving memories is saving one's most personal and precious assets...family stories! Family stories glue families together over time. Knowing those who have gone before you, strengthens families and ensures values, wisdom, and legacy are preserved.


I'd like to give this as a gift, how might that work?


Gifting a personal history is a very thoughtful present. It says to the recipient that you

love and care so much about him or her, and the way they've lived life, that you want to

preserve their wisdom and learnings for future generations. It's a way of honoring the

people in your life who have impacted you greatly. And, it's not only a gift for them but

the finished narrative is a legacy gift for the entire family.  Plus, there's no guessing at

the size or color - storytelling fits everyone!


Since everyone likes having a little something to open, contact us before the big day and

we'll provide a gift certificate along with a Remembered Well gift box and USB that will

be used to hold their amazing finished stories. 

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