"Being able to hear your loved ones voice after they are gone is a gift beyond compare. Just an unbelievable gift. Thank you."   - Sherry T.

Excerpts from Client Stories

Kenneth G. - 1933 Earthquake 3:14

Jim T. - Meeting Sherry 1:38

Ralph R. - Rustic Living 1:32

Sam M. - Christmas Travel 1:14

Joseph P. - Family Protector 1:16

Joyce M. - Beach Life 1:42 

Ron L. - Starting X-Country 2:16

Jim L. - Why Stay Mad 1:54

Tiffany M. - Gratitude 0:51

Kelly W. - Parenting 1:07

Thank you for helping people to hold onto the legacy of their loved ones and for making what’s truly important in life a priority at the right time. - Patty S.