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Unexpected Benefits of Remembrance

There are many benefits to recording your life story. Some are easy to understand as Isabella Bick quoted in this recent New York Times article: “Ms. Bick, who has three children and three grandchildren, considers her stories a gift to future generations — and to past ones. “I am keeping my parents and grandparents alive,” she said. “And, as an egotist, I am keeping myself alive. I am remembered.” But some of the benefits of recording your life story are unexpected. “Research by many gerontologists — including James E. Birren, who created the discipline of guided autobiography — has found that reminiscing can improve the confidence of older adults. By recalling how they overcame past struggl

A Resolution That Lasts

Make a resolution that lasts. Capture your family's memories as a legacy gift for the next generation. Make 2017 the year of your family


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