Why We Do What We Do

My dad, Jim Turner, was a vibrant and healthy man with a zest for life. It didn't seem possible that cancer would cross his path. And even when it did, he would beat it. Of course, he would beat it...he was my dad and I was sure he was invincible. He battled hard and he outlived the medical experts' expectations. In fact, he became so good at rebounding that it strengthened my belief that he would be the one to beat it. Somebody has to be the first right?


Sadly his brave battle did come to an end. When the doctors delivered the news and arrangements were made for hospice, I found myself stunned. It seemed impossible that this man, who was a steady presence my entire life, would only have days left to live. 


When faced with this scenario, you become desperate to soak up everything you can of the person who is slipping away. Due to the work my husband did, we had access to high-quality recording equipment. We asked my dad if he would be willing to record his stories as a final legacy gift. He was up for it. In fact, he looked forward to it every day. He now had a purpose and the reassurance that his memories would live on indefinitely with his family.


I learned more about my dad in the last two weeks of his life than I did during my entire growing up years. I was treated to stories of his youth, his entrepreneurial successes, his setbacks, and his wisdom. And these stories are preserved. I can go back and listen and reminisce as often as I like. Hearing my dad's voice again makes him feel close.  


After this experience with my own father, it became clear to me that everyone needs this. Every child who loves their parents, who has learned from their parents, and who knows that the wisdom of their parents will benefit their children - and all generations - must record these precious stories. Maybe you don't know how to go about it, but now you do. Remembered Well exists to record and edit these stories so that they are listenable and of the highest quality. 


Don't wait until you're in a desperate situation like I was. Do it now! Do it while the memories are vivid. You can then listen to the stories and ask follow-up questions and truly get to know your parents in a way you may not or have forgotten. Even when we love someone, taking the time to truly listen sometimes gets pushed aside in the hectic nature of life. Don't put this aside for "someday." "Someday" will be here before you know it and sooner than you'd prefer. 


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Michele Trent with her dad, Jim Turner.


Jim with one of his granddaughters.

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