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Welcome to Remembered Well where we specialize in interviewing and recording people as they share their special stories and favorite memories. It's a story told by the very best source - the person living it!


Family stories are your family's legacy. 

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Why a Story Recording?

  • Saving priceless family stories gives you peace of mind. 

  • Hearing your loved one's voice again keeps them close while clearly communicating their personality and sentiment.

  • Future generations deserve to learn from those who've come before them. 

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Saving a Piece of My Dad

My dad, Jim Turner, was a vibrant and healthy man with a zest for life. It didn't seem possible that cancer would cross his path, let alone take him out.  He battled hard but cancer was a formidable foe. When the doctors delivered the news that my dad would not survive, I was stunned. It seemed impossible that this man, who was a steady presence my entire life, would only have days left to live. 


When faced with this scenario, you become desperate to soak up everything you can of the person who is slipping away. We recorded my dad in his final days in order to preserve his stories. I learned more about him in the last two weeks of his life than I did during my entire growing up years. His legacy is in these preserved stories. I can listen to him and reminisce as often as I like. Hearing my dad's voice again makes him feel close.  


After this experience with my own father, it became clear to me that everyone needs this. Remembered Well exists to record and preserve the stories of your loved ones. No matter what happens, you can hear from your loved one again and listen to their voice. This priceless family history is a legacy gift. 


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The Process

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